Event Planning 

Dorothy is available to present a variety of humorous after-dinner speeches which are customized to the audience. Some examples include:

  • Breathe, Breathe, Swear (Meditation)
  • Five Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress or Die Trying
  • Spinning Plates: Balancing Work, Home, Family
  • Doctors Make Me Queasy (adapted for medical or general audiences)
  • On the Way to Purple: Phases of the Average Woman’s Life
  • Writing the Perfect Christmas Letter and Other Christmas Stories
  • Water in the Gas and Other Travel Misadventures
  • I Don’t Like You Either–Dealing with Difficult People
  • The Purse is on the Other Foot Now-Thoughts on Footwear and Handbags
  • Big Thoughts on Small Towns
  • Humor Helps: Caregiver Lite

Some of Dorothy’s recent audiences include:

Rapid City Public Library Lunch & Learn, Ellsworth Air Force Base Caregiver Event, Black Hills Leadership Development, Hospice of the Black Hills, Continental Resources, South Dakota Association of Plumbing-Heating-Colling Contractors