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I’m a humor writer and I'm your basic stereotypical, mild-mannered Midwesterner—chronically nice, unfailingly polite and just a wee bit passive aggressive. I’m also worried, overwhelmed, and angry a good bit of the time. Of course, being a mild-mannered Midwesterner, I can never come right out and show it, so I resort to humor. The way I see it, the planet is in trouble, the country is divided and people are angry, tired and depressed. For a humor writer it’s downright inspiring.  

If what I write doesn’t change the world, and most likely it won’t, my readers will at least go down the tubes knowing how really foolish we’re all being.

I’d love to hear from you if you enjoy my blog—not so much if you don’t. I’m kidding! (Sort of.) I’m also an author, speaker and syndicated humor columnist. My work appears in publications in eleven states. You can see the list on the “Editor’s page.” If your local newspaper doesn’t run my column and you think (as I do) that it should, pass my name on to them.

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Dorothy Rosby; Public Speaking for Chickens.

By Dorothy Rosby
By Dorothy Rosby